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The research activities in marine sciences & technologies at the CNR of Italy Print E-mail
CNR is a public organization: its duty is to carry out, promote, spread, transfer and improve research activities in the main sectors of knowledge growth and of its applications for the scientific, technological, economic and social development of the Country.



Research activities in marine sciences and technologies comprise:

  • physical, chemical, biophysical and ecological processes involved in the ocean circulation and climatic changes;
  • geological survey and monitoring of Mediterranean Sea and Polar areas;
  • formation and alteration of the continental ridges (climatic changes and risk evaluation);
  • marine biology and ecology, ecosystem approach of fishery, natural and anthropogenic pressures on the marine ecosystem;
  • coastal zone management;
  • remote and in-situ observations for oil spills, environmental pollution, climatic changes;
  • remediation techniques for polluted areas;
  • fishery technology and aquaculture;
  • maritime technologies (anti-fouling, marine corrosion, safety etc.).

CNR runs a research vessel fleet, an observing coastal observing system (buoys, coastal radars, fixed platforms, ships of opportunity), ROVs and USVs, laboratories.
This review (updated at August 2010) aims at showing some clues without entering into details. Any further information can be obtained through the links and references provided in each page. For further info on this review: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it



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J.A.T. template series was designed 2006 by 4bp.de: www.4bp.de, www.oltrogge.ws